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SEPLN 2022

38th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing

09.20.2022-09.23.2022 | 09.00h-20.30h

Rector's Office, University of Coruña

LYS Group

The 38th edition of the Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing will take place from 20th to 23th September 2022, in the auditorium of the Rector’s Office of the University of Coruña.

The main objective of this conference, organised by LYS Group, and in which researchers from Proxecto Nós are going to participate, is to share the latest advances and developments in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

In this new edition of the conference of the SEPLN, Proxecto Nós’ leading researchers will present the following papers, lectures and demos: 

  • A Neural Machine Translation System for Galician from Transliterated Portuguese Text. 
    Authorship: John E. Ortega, Iria de Dios, Pablo Gamallo, José Ramom Pichel  

  • Evaluating Contextualized Vectors from Large Language Models and Compositional Strategies. 
    Authorship: Pablo Gamallo, Marcos García, Iria de Dios  

  • A computational psycholinguistic evaluation of the syntactic abilities of Galician BERT models at the interface of dependency resolution and training time. 
    Authorship: Iria de Dios Flores, Marcos García González  

  • Proxecto Nós: Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the Galician Language. 
    Authorship: Adina Ioana Vladu, Iria de Dios Flores, Carmen Magariños, John E. Ortega, José Ramom Pichel, Marcos Garcia, Pablo Gamallo, Elisa Fernández Rei, Alberto Bugarín, Manuel González González, Senén Barro, Xosé Luís Regueira  

  • Exploración del conocimiento semántico en modelos vectoriales: polisemia, sinonimia e idiomaticidad. 
    Authorship: Marcos García, Pablo Gamallo, Martín Pereira-Fariña, Iria de Dios Flores 

For more information about the conference or to check the detailed programme of the event, please visit the SEPLN’s official website.