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About us

What do we do?

Proxecto Nós: Galician in the society and economy of Artificial Intelligence aims to create the necessary resources to place Galician at the forefront of Intelligent Technologies, particularly technologies in those areas related to Language Technology and, more generally, in the society and economy of Artificial Intelligence. Within the project, high quality resources will be compiled and top-quality tools will be developed for the automatic processing of oral and written Galician. In addition, general demonstrators will be produced to showcase the potential of these resources and use cases of high socioeconomic impact will be developed in different contexts. 

The resources developed by Nós will be freely accessible by third parties. Thus, this will allow and support the development of Galician-based final products and services by enterprises, institutions and organisations, both public and private. 

The project is embedded within the Galician, Spanish and European strategies aimed at developing technologies, tools and applications for the impact and use of languages in AI application areas.

The Proxecto Nós is a project from the Xunta de Galicia, whose execution was entrusted to the University of Santiago de Compostela through two leading research institutions in Artificial Intelligence and Language Technologies, ILG (Instituto da Lingua Galega, literally in English “the Galician Language Institute”) and CiTIUS (Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías Intelixentes, literally in English “Singular Research Centre on Intelligent Technologies”). The project's research team is working on the Nós subprojects, in line with some of the main tasks of Natural Language Processing:

  • Speech synthesis
  • Speech recognition
  • Dialogue systems
  • Machine translation
  • Automatic language correction and evaluation
  • Automatic text generation
  • Information extraction
  • Opinion mining and fact checking

Finally, the adoption of free licenses within the project will allow resources, tools and even use cases to be maintained by the open-source community and by enterprises. Thus, this will enable the Galician speaking and writing community to carry out their lives in the digital society of the 21st century.